Scope of Aviation

India is among the countries witnessing highest growth in air passenger traffic. Its airport infrastructure is undergoing modernisation with the installation of state-of-the-art facilities. A new Greenfield airports are under construction and security, surveillance and air traffic navigation systems have been modernized. India, a growing Asian economy, is amongst the fastest growing and currently the 9th largest aviation market handling 121 million domestic and 41 million international passengers. Today, more than 85 international airlines operate to India and 5 Indian carriers connect over 40 countries.

A larger fleet simply means higher number of jobs. Also, the aviation industry has the potential of drawing $ 120 billion investments and creating 2-3 million jobs by year 2020. Above estimates are just not guesses but they are based on future plan of existing airline companies in India. So, if you also dreaming for a successful career with unlimited prospects, aviation is the industry that offers you immense chances today, to be professional of tomorrow.

Scope of Hotel Management

In Hotel Management and Catering field, one can achieve a long term career in life. It is very demanding profession in abroad. Through this course, you can join Government and Private Jobs. The world is changing.

Now a day’s young generation is looking for the most lucrative and highly paid careers like Medical and Engineering etc. Hotel management is a cardinal part of hospitality industry and it has wide employment opportunities. Government encouragement in development of tourism sector brought many new employment opportunities in Hotel Industry. There are so many new restaurants and hotels are opening all over the India. So demand for professionals will be high in coming years. So after doing 12th Hotel Management course can be a best choice for interested candidates.